Peter Dunn.

Electronics Design for hire:-

Digital design        Micro's,  DSP,   Interface,   FPGA'sControl, Comm's.

Analogue design  Sensors, Audio, Video,Amplification, Shaping, Filtering, Conversion.

FPGA                            Xilinx,  AlteraActel, VHDL and AHDL, AHDL to VHDL.

PCB design                      PTH, SMT, Complex, Compact, Multilayer, HF, BGA, DDR.             

Medical Electronics       Radio Therapy,  Endoscopy,  Electro-surgery,  Patient positioning.

Power circuit design     Switched Mode and Linear Power supplies, Motor drives.

Obsolescence                      Older designs restore or replace, obsolete parts replacement.

Audio                               Amplifiers,  Mixers, Digital conversion, storage and processing.

Safety critical design      Medical, Transportation, ATEX, Triple-redundancy, FMEAs.

Reliability assessment   MTBF, FMEA, Test and recording:

Practical research          Feasibility studies; Component & techniques surveys; Product  research:

Project management     Planning; resourcing; costing; risk management; encouragement:

Documentation                 Design & test records/Reliability/Standards/Descriptions: